Clarification Text

All kinds of your information, including your personal data of special nature that make your identity identified or identifiable, are processed as Personal Data under the following context by A.V.O.D. KURUTULMUŞ GIDA VE TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ SANAYI TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (in brief AVOD) as the Data Controller as per the provisions of the Protection of Personal Data Law numbered 6698 (the “PPDL”). 

 “The Processing of Personal Data” term under the Law numbered 6698 expresses all kinds of transaction performed on data such as collection, recording, storage, retention, alteration, re-organization, disclosure, transferring, taking over, making available to the public, classification personal data or preventing the use thereof. 

 As A.V.O.D., we pay utmost sensitivity to the process of your personal data that you have shared with our Company as the shareholder, company partner, potential customer, customer, employee or representative of the supplier/subcontractor, employee, employee candidate, trainee/student, physical or online visitor or third persons whose personal data we have processed per the security of these and in line with the Law, by being relevant to our activity and service purposes and proportionate to these. 

 Within this context, we would like to inform you as given below concerning the processing purposes, legal reasons, collection methods of your personal data at A.V.O.D., as to whom and for which purposes your personal data can be transferred and concerning rights granted to you under the scope of the P.P.D.L. either about the matter mentioned above or other matters.

  1. Processing of personal data and processing purposes:

We, as A.V.O.D., process personal data and/or personal data of special nature that we acquire within the capacity of data controller, for the purposes of Execution of Emergency Management Processes, Management of Information Security Processes, Management of Recruitment Processes of Employee Candidate / Trainee / Student, Management of Employee Candidates Application Processes, Fulfilment of Obligations Arising out of Employment Contracts and Legislation for Employees, Management of Auditing / Ethical Activities, Management of Education Activities, Management of Access Authorizations, Management of Activities in accordance with Legislation, Management of Finance and Accounting Transactions, Ensuring Physical Space Security, Management of Appointment Processes, Following up and Management of Legal Affairs, Management of Communication Activities, Planning Human Resources Processes, Management/ Supervision of Business Activities, Management of Occupational Health/Security Activities, Management of Activities Ensuring Business Continuity, Management of Logistic Activities, Management of Goods / Services / Operation Processes, Management of Goods / Services Purchase Processes, Management of Goods / Services Sale Processes, Conducting Customer Relation Management Processes, Management of Activities regarding Customer Satisfaction, Management of Organization and Events, Management of Retention and Storage Activities, Execution of Agreement Processes, Conducting Supply Chain Management Processes, Provision of Information to Authorized Persons, Institutions and Organizations, Creation of and Following up Visitors Records, in order for us to conduct our commercial activities, within the personal data processing conditions and purposes set out under Articles 5 and 6 of the Law numbered 6698. Your personal data obtained shall be processed; by complying with the following principles of lawfulness and conformity with rules of bona fides, accuracy and being up to date, where necessary, being processed for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes, being relevant with, limited to and proportionate to the purposes for which they are processed, being retained for the period set out by relevant legislation or the purpose for which they are processed. 

 We, as A.V.O.D., process your personal data given below for the purposes mentioned above:

  • Identity (For instance; name, surname, date, and place of birth, identity number)
  • Contact (For instance; contact address, e-mail address, landline/ mobile number)
  • Employee’s personnel information (For instance; payroll information, recordings of documents regarding recruitment-resigning documents, CV information)
  • Legal Transaction (For instance; information in correspondences with judicial authorities, information in lawsuit files)
  • Customer Transaction (For instance; invoice, cheque information, order information)
  • Physical Space Security (For instance; entry-exit recording information of employees and visitors, footages)
  • Transaction Security (For instance; website login-logout information, password information)
  • Finance (For instance; IBAN/Account Number Information)
  • Occupational Experience (For instance; diploma information, courses attended, vocational training information, certificates)
  • Visual and Audio Recordings (For instance; portrait photograph, photograph, and video recordings)
  • Health Information (For instance; information regarding disability status, blood type information, personal health information)
  • Criminal Conviction and Security Measures (For instance; information regarding the criminal conviction)
  • Other – Vehicle Plate No
  1. To whom and for which Purposes Can Personal Data be Transferred

AVOD can transfer your personal data for the purposes of: Fulfilling legal liabilities, Obtaining Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) service and health software service externally, Fulfilling legal liabilities by the OHS company, Concluding of agreements by and between the occupational safety expert and the company as per the legal liability, Provision of Information to Authorized Persons, Institutions and Organization, Sharing information with auditors for obligatory financial audits due to CMB and Stock Exchange and of official authorities, Informing for the execution of audit activities, Submitting data and records for the audit minutes, Informing the authorized that will attend externally in order to conduct the audit, Informing the supplier, Informing the Customer, Informing the Official Institution, Usage of cloud e-mail infrastructure, Cloud IT Infrastructure, Making User Identification by the IT company for which support has been obtained, Obtaining Backup for Data Centre, Obtaining IT Technical Support Service externally, Sharing visitor information with vehicle transfer firms as per transportation law of the Ministry of Transportation; Sharing related information on accommodation with law enforcement officers, Notifying the Member of the Board of Directors and members of the committees established to KAP (Public Disclosure Platform), Overseas Business Travel Visa, Employee Loan Application, Informing in order that Farmer (Supplier) and the Seedling Grower (Other supplier) can conclude an agreement, Obtaining security services externally, Conducting Training Activities, Conducting Activities in line with Legislation, Informing customers as to which trainings do the employer of the company has received, Informing the authorized that will attend externally to realize the training, Obtaining consultancy support in all kinds of legal processes to be occurred in Labour Law, Conducting Occupational Health / Security Activities, Concluding automatic participation share agreement set out by law, Paying salaries, Informing in order to control the traceability exercise of the auditor, Having the Screening, Laboratory Firms, Specialist Physicians to make the required examinations for periodical inspections in the factory, Issuance of 1 copy of the delivery note to be submitted the carrier and 1 copy to the Port Customs Directorate, Realization of hotel and tickets purchases for travels, Following up legal processes on behalf of the Company, within the conditions and purposes of processing personal data stated under Articles 8 and 9 of the Law numbered 6698, by applying the conditions set out and taking necessary precautions, to real persons or private legal entities, our suppliers, community companies and authorized public institutions and officers.

  1. Method and Legal Reason of Collection of Personal Data

Your personal data which are written / digital applications made to our Company, from CV’s transmitted during the job application, job application form, recruitment websites of Human Resources, recruitment documents and written documents, forms and records and oral notifications obtained from the employee her/himself during the working period, health records delivered by the employee and records of recruitment/periodical inspection forms and mandatory periodical inspection tests, from notices received from the Inspection Summary Form, sick leave reports, S.S.I. recruitment/resigning notifications, O.H.S. Clerk System, training participation forms, travel approval form, Official Authority and Institutions, from Board of Directors resolutions, footages ensuring the Physical Security, from photographs and video records proving that legal obligations are fulfilled, oral declarations for visitor records and employee entry/exit record system records, reviewing vehicle plate number, payroll, customer and supplier communications, phone communications, communications at the exhibition desk, business cards, contact information publicized in company websites, power of attorneys, various agreement that you have concluded with our Company and electronic mails that you have sent to our Company, from SMSs’ and fax messages, from documents such as offers and order forms, invoice, e-dispatch note and printed out dispatch notes, note of expenses, Self Employed Invoices, Producer Receipt and current card information, payment transaction records such as cheques, from Accounting Department, from the worker her/himself who provides services externally, from documents transmitted by the supplier prior to the commencement of work physically or via e-mail, from company official documents, circulars of signatures, from the Human Resource Department, from the personal file of the employee, are collected by accessing to Firewall, application and data bases on information systems of our Company. Your personal data collected through these stated methods are processed and transmitted within the conditions and purposes of personal data processing stated under Articles 5, and 6 of the Law numbered 6698 and for the purposes set out under Article (1) and (2) of this Clarification Text.

  1. Rights Set out of for the Personal Data Holder under Article 11 of the P.P.D. Law (the "Law")

You, as persons concerned, whose personal data processed by our Company, can transmit your requests regarding rights by the following methods to our Company; our Company shall finalize the request depending on its nature as soon as possible and at the latest within thirty days, free of charge. However, in case the transaction requires any costs, our Company shall collect the fee stated in the tariff set out by the Personal Data Protection Board. 

 Within this scope, persons concerned have the right to apply to our Company as per Article 11 of the Law numbered 6698;
  • To learn as to whether her/his personal data have been processed,
  • To request information in case, her/his personal data have been processed,
  • To learn the purpose of her/his personal data processing and as to whether such data has been used for intended purposes,
  • To obtain information on third parties to whom her/his personal data has been transferred at home or abroad,
  • To request the correction of the incomplete or inaccurate personal data, if any, and to request notification of transactions carried out within this scope to third parties to whom her/his personal data has been transferred,
  • to request the erasure or destruction of her/his personal data in case the reasons requiring the process of the same are disappeared although such personal data has been processed per the provisions of the Law numbered 6698 and other related laws and to request notification of transactions carried out within this scope to third parties to whom her/his personal data has been transferred,
  • to object to the unfavorable consequence for the personal data owner due to its analysis exclusively by automatic means of her/his personal data processed,
  • to request compensation for the damage arising out of the unlawful processing of her/his personal data,

You may send your request including your explanations on your right that you demand to exercise among the rights stated under Article 11 of the Law numbered 6698 as per the "Regulation on the Principles and Procedures of Application to the Data Controller"; by filling in, the Person Concerned/Data Owner Application/Request Form, by signing the same and by sending such application form or the petition including your original signature that you have prepared to exercise your rights to A.V.O.D. KURUTULMUŞ GIDA VE TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ SANAYI TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ at the address located at Application/Request Form:

  • You may deliver it by hand along with the documents proving your identity to the secretary of our Company at the address of YILDIRIM MAHALLESİ 35 SOKAK NO: 62-/-MENEMEN I.Z.M.I.R.
  • You may send it via notary to the address of “YILDIRIM MAHALLESİ 35 SOKAK NO: 62-/-MENEMEN IZMIR TURKEY”
  • You may send it to the e-mail address of if you have a R.E.M. address.
  • You may send it to our e-mail address of from the e-mail address you have previously informed and registered with our system.
  • You may send it to our e-mail address of by using a secure electronic signature/mobile signature.
Kindly submitted for your information.